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Who we are:

As one of the nation's One-Stop Career Centers, Frederick County Workforce Services (FCWS) links businesses in need of qualified employees with individuals seeking employment opportunities.

What we do:

For job seekers, FCWS provides comprehensive career management services, including: career assessment and vocational counseling, computer and job search seminars, assistance with resume and interview preparation, career training scholarships, and access to hundreds of current job listings through the Maryland Workforce Exchange and the EmployOn, Inc. employment portal.

For businesses, FCWS utilizes innovative strategies to help identify and achieve recruitment, retention and training goals. Services for businesses include: placement assistance, job listing opportunities, customized employee training, access to funding for training, outplacement services, use of onsite facilities, and on-the-job training programs for new hires.

Why it matters:

Frederick County Workforce Services supports the County's revenue base by helping unemployed workers to re-enter the local workforce and become contributing tax payers again. FCWS also utilizes grant funding to provide occupational training in high-demand industries to help alleviate critical skills shortages in the current and future labor market.

How you can help:

Please visit our Donate page to learn more about how you can support FCWS programs. Thank you! 

FCWS Five-Year Integrated Workforce Plan and 2014 Addendum

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"Frederick Community College Customized Training provides excellent customer service. The coordination and liaison support they provide expedites the Detrick Center for Training and Education mission of planning, scheduling and organizing training for our civilians and military members. Their assistance and initiative are also contributing factors to the overall success of our training mission."

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