Still Struggling to Find Talent?

Are you preparing your future workforce?

2019 has made hiring good employees quite a challenge. Companies of all kinds are struggling to identify the talent needed for their openings. However, some businesses are better than others at preparing their workforce and can be looked upon as examples for others.

Many companies have recognized that internships enable them to teach and mentor future employees prior to their college graduation. Identifying candidates with educational aspirations that align with the company’s business, and then introducing them to the workforce during their sophomore, junior or senior is a great way to create a pipeline of future employees.

Within the trade industries, similar efforts have traditionally been implemented through apprenticeships. Young, aspiring candidates are able to apply themselves in the field while simultaneously attending classroom training outside of work hours. It enables employers to develop and monitor their talent, create and sustain their talent pipeline, and establish their company’s culture and work ethic upon the apprentices.

While these models are typically associated with young adults at the infancy of their careers, it is certainly feasible to apply these concepts to experienced workers. Many experienced workers each year transition into new career fields and can also benefit from these experiential opportunities. Over the past few years, efforts in Maryland have been approved to expand the apprenticeship model into nontraditional fields like IT and healthcare.

It requires forethought, preparation and commitment from employers, but developing one’s workforce for their business has proven quite successful. If you would like assistance and support for your workforce, contact the business services team at the Frederick County American Job Center for more information.

Julie Anderson