Attracting Candidates During Low Unemployment

Unemployment rates are extremely low – 3.5% in Frederick County, as of March 2019. How can employers attract enough applicants to identify the right person for their opening(s)?

Providing incentives, like signing bonuses, flexible schedules, or tuition reimbursement can be very appealing to job seekers weighing their options among different employers.

The option to work from home can provide employers a new pool of potential job seekers, like stay-at-home parents or older workers who are not fully retired.

Consider a workforce newbie. Entry level, part-time jobs can attract teenagers who may be new to the workforce. If hiring a teenager, provide a mentor to teach them about the finer details of contributing to the workforce – being on time, understanding the culture and expectations of an organization, taking initiative, and more.

There are job seekers who have served time in the justice system and are looking to be contributing members of society. Be open to providing them with an appropriate opportunity.

Enhance the reputation of your business. If job seekers learn that your company has a good reputation as a highly desirable place to work because of their incentives or flexibility, even during low unemployment periods, available job seekers will continue to apply to your company for job opportunities.

Julie Anderson