Are you losing new hires? Here's a tip that just might help...

Consider this scenario: You hire a new employee at your company. After completing the costly onboarding process, this new employee resigns. Has this ever happened at your organization?

Here’s a way to try and prevent this from happening. Consider incorporating a job shadow component into your hiring/interview process. Engaging in a job shadow allows the candidate to experience the work environment, the tasks at hand, and their coworkers. Oftentimes, a deeper glimpse into the position will help the candidate determine whether or not they are a fit for your company. On the other hand, a job shadow also allows you, as the employer, to look at the individual through a different lens and determine whether or not their work style/personality is aligned with your organizational culture. Most importantly, this process takes place prior to shelling out the ever-growing costs incurred as a result of new employee onboarding - ultimately saving time AND money.

Julie Anderson