Advantages of Working with Millennials

You are investing in the future of your company. If your company is not actively seeking millennials in the workplace, it could be argued that your company is behind the times. Millennials are 75 million strong and projected to be the brunt of the workforce by 2030. Companies who create and embrace a culture that includes and attracts the millennial generation will be the first to employ the top talent of the generation.

Millennials bring a different perspective to your company. It is easy to get caught up in the same old style of thinking or “it’s always worked before” mentality. Millennials are consistently looking for ways to improve things. This is not saying it is always necessary to recreate the wheel, but a millennial will surely let you know if there is a better way of doing things.

Your company can benefit from unique mentoring partnerships. While millennials still have a lot to learn they also have a lot to teach. More and more employers are creating coworker mentorship programs that pair a seasoned employee with a millennial employee. This model of mentorship helps employees exchange and diversify valuable skills and traits.

Millennials are motivated by having genuine impact. They are often stuck with the stigma of being “entitled,” but millennials really just want to make a difference. They want to be part of something meaningful and have a sense of purpose. Find what they are passionate about, and you will have an employee that is up for any challenge.

Millennials are not only great to work with, but they are also great employers. With an entrepreneurial mindset, many are taking a leap of faith and starting their own businesses. Millennials typically provide a relaxed work environment that includes and treats everyone equally. They are certainly shaping a new workplace standard and incorporating benefits such as unlimited PTO, Friday evening office happy hours, nap pods, and many other unique things to increase productivity.

Julie Anderson