Keeping the Perfect Job


I just got a job that’s perfect for me. What can I do to keep it?



You’ve already done the two hardest parts. You found the perfect job, and you got it!

Keeping the job is easier, except that you have to do it again every day.

A group of local business leaders say these are qualities they consider essential in the employees they keep:

• Cheerfully and willingly able to think and perform competently outside own job/team to achieve organization’s mission and priorities.

• Able to see bigger picture and how one’s part contributes to the whole.

• Demonstrates dedication and enthusiasm for organization’s customer and purpose.

• Open to developing new initiatives, implementing change and incorporating feedback positively.

• Common sense.

• Optimistic disposition.

• Helpfulness in action.

• Team player.

• Detail-oriented.

• Able to connect the details to the big picture.

• Able to manage time efficiently.

It’s important to always display a good attitude. Do your best to be cheerful and optimistic. Communicate clearly and assertively. Manage your time well; spend it doing what you’re paid to do. Set goals for yourself that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Brush up your soft skills, also known as people skills, such as kindness, punctuality, confidence and a sense of humor.

Finally, plan to improve all your skills continuously. Gone are the days when one could get the job and coast for several decades before retirement. Now you are expected to show accomplishments, not just longevity, if you want to be an indispensable employee. That will probably involve your getting various kinds of training, creating new products or services, and always trying to get ahead of the curve. It’s not easy; that’s why there aren’t so many indispensable employees.

Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to Work You Love, says this: “Companies today pay for results, not time; productivity, not degrees; conceptual skills, not technical.” Keep that always in the back of your mind, and you’re well on your way to retaining that dream job for a long, long time.

Julie Anderson