Google Tools


I hear Google has a free alternative to Microsoft Word and other programs. How can I learn more?


It’s true: Google does have a wealth of programs similar to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other programs. They’re available whenever and wherever you have Internet access. And best of all, they’re free!

To see what’s available, go to Google and click on the nine little boxes in the upper right corner. You’ll get a drop-down list of programs. At the bottom of the list, you’ll see More. Follow the list down to the bottom; you’ll be amazed what’s available to you.

Among the offerings, you’ll find Sheets (spreadsheets, similar to Excel), Slides (like PowerPoint), and Sites (create your own website.) They’re right there among old favorites like YouTube, Maps, and Earth.

When you create a Doc or a Sheet or whatever, Google saves it automatically to your Google Drive account. It’s available to you anytime you have Internet access, and on any device. Your creation can also be saved as a Word document (which employers often prefer for your resume), an Excel spreadsheet, or the Microsoft equivalent.

Go ahead and check out these cool (relatively) new tools! See if they do what you want them to. And have fun learning!


Julie Anderson