Applying for a Job on LinkedIn


Can I apply for a job directly on LinkedIn?



Before you start applying, take another look at your profile. Be sure it gives enough information that an employer will appreciate all you can do to help them succeed.

Once that’s done, you can follow this process:

  • First, find a job that appeals to you. The quickest way is to click on the Jobs icon (the little briefcase) on the black bar at the top of LinkedIn. This will bring a list of jobs that LinkedIn thinks you might like, based on your profile.

  • When you find a good one, click on it. The available information will appear to the right of your screen.

  • If you decide to apply, click the Apply or Easy Apply button near the top right. The Apply button will take you to the company’s website to apply; the Easy Apply button will pre-fill the application with information from your Profile. Type in whatever other information is needed (this will vary from one company to another.)

  • You may decide you’re not quite ready to apply for the job at this moment; maybe you need to find some unforeseen information for the application, or do some company research. In that case, you can click Save near the top of the page, and have access to that job lead anytime. Don’t wait too long, though; it could be filled at any time.

  • When you’re satisfied with your application, click Submit at the bottom.

After that, you may want to Follow the company in LinkedIn. There will be a Follow button on the company’s LinkedIn page; if you click that, you’ll get all the latest updates from the company in your LinkedIn Home. It’s also a good idea to connect with anyone you know at that company, and get the inside scoop.



Julie Anderson