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Top 5 Tips: Completing Online Applications

1. Research the company before giving out any of your personal information; search online to ensure their legitimacy. No credible company should ever ask about your bank account information, mother’s maiden name, credit card accounts, etc. If this happens, DO NOT proceed with applying.

2. Update your resume and have the latest version handy on a flash drive. Most online application sites allow you to either cut/paste your resume into a text box or will allow you to upload your resume from your flash drive. TIP: When applying for numerous positions, you want to make sure your resume fits each job description, so you might need to tweak before you upload the resume to each job opening.

3. Most of the online applications are timed… even though you don’t really know that. The online programs are actually a way to weed out potential applicants by looking at how they are answering the questions and by how long it takes them to answer each question. So, you don’t want to spend too much time on any one question. Pace yourself and answer the questions honestly. Most online applications feature a “Save and Return Later” option. If you are running low on time or need to take a break from applying, this is a way to save the work you have completed and return to it later.

4. Read & re-read your application before you hit submit. Once it is submitted, you will not have the option of going back in and correcting the error. Look for date accuracies, grammar, punctuation, and honesty.

5. Give the employer time. Allow the employer with whom you just submitted your application several days before they receive and review it.  After 4-7 days, you may want to call the employer and confirm they received it and ask if they need anything else from you.