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Top 5 Tips: Preparing for a Job Interview

1. Know yourself! Know what you want; understand what you are applying for and go for it!

2. Research the company you are looking to work for—search their website; type their name in a search engine and see what comes up; review their annual report. You want to know as much about the company as you possibly can.

3. Ramp up your resume - and sell yourself the best you can! Attend a Resume workshop then visit a Career Specialist who can critique your resume to give you some final pointers before it gets sent out to employers.

4. Consider an internship or volunteer experience in the field you’d like to enter. The more knowledge and experience you have within a career field, the better you look - both on paper and as a person.

5. And finally… Network! Networking yields between 75-80% of hired jobs! Talk to your neighbors, friends, friends’ parents, church family, etc. Everyone knows someone—it’s a wise idea to get your name out and let others know you are looking, so they can advocate on your behalf as well.