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Top 5 Tips: Dressing for Success

1. Be prepared. Set out the outfit you are planning to wear the night before. If it needs to be pressed, do it then. Try it on; make sure you feel comfortable, yet professional.

2. Overdressing is always better than under dressing. Whether you realize it or not, the interviewers are judging you on your appearance. It’s always better to err on the side of formal attire vs too relaxed. Plus, dressing more formal may tell the interviewer that you’re confident and serious about the position.

3. Dress on the conservative side. Limit the accessories and jewelry; wear colors that are professional, not flashy; tone down the make-up; and avoid the use of handbags/purses that are flashy/loud.

4. Grooming is crucial. Ensure that your hair is brushed, neat, and intact; fingernails are manicured and/or neatly polished; and your outfit is straight and organized.

5. Keep it professional. Steer clear of too many piercings, gum chewing, slang or text lingo, and excessive jewelry.