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FCWS Director, Partners to Speak at National Workforce Conference in Washington, DC

March 23, 2017

Frederick, MD - Frederick County Workforce Services Director Michelle Day will participate on a panel with other workforce development professionals from around the country on Sunday, March 26 during The Forum 2017, presented by the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB).

The Forum 2017 will convene hundreds of national leaders in workforce development, economic development and education. This year’s conference is described as a “national conversation around shared responsibility to address the needs of businesses, career seekers and local economies, and to secure America’s ability to compete globally,” according to the NAWB website.

Ms. Day will join Jamie Robinson, Manager, Financial Empowerment & Workforce with the National Disability Institute in Washington, D.C.; Danielle Smith, State Equal Opportunity Officer, Jefferson City, MO; and Wendy Strobel Gower, Project Director, Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability, Ithaca, NY to present insights about community-level collaborations that improve equal opportunity in the workplace.

As a panelist, Ms. Day will discuss her experience with the Cornell University Diversity Partners Pilot Project, which focuses on helping workforce development professionals find better employment opportunities for people with disabilities through improved business relationships. Created by subject matter experts at Cornell, the project is geared towards job developers, employment specialists and workforce development staff who connect people with disabilities to jobs. Frederick County was selected as a pilot workforce area for this training.

Ms. Day shares that “this conference presents Frederick with a unique opportunity to highlight the local community, connectedness and collaboration that we practice to develop workforce talent that meets our industry demands.  Businesses in Frederick need qualified and skilled workers today and in the future.  Our growth and competitiveness depends on our ability to effectively connect skilled individuals, including those with disabilities, to meaningful and family sustaining employment.”

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