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Frederick WORKS! One Job at a Time Initiative Reaches 1,000 Employer Milestone

November 9, 2014

Frederick WORKS! One Job at a Time Initiative Reaches 1,000 Employer Milestone

FREDERICK, MD – Representatives of Frederick WORKS! One Job at a Time announced that the initiative has officially reached and even exceeded its employer participation goal. According to Frederick County Workforce Services (FCWS) Director Laurie Holden, over 1,000 employers have been counted by the initiative for creating jobs and contributing to the local economy, representing more than 2,000 jobs.

The business-driven hiring initiative, launched by FCWS and the Frederick County Workforce Development Board, challenged employers to be a part of the economic solution by hiring new workers.

At the direction of the Frederick Board of County Commissioners, City of Frederick Mayor Randy McClement, and other local municipal leaders, Frederick WORKS! One Job at a Time was modeled after similar programs in other communities throughout the United States that were successful in generating new job opportunities and getting the unemployed back to work.

Partners of the Frederick WORKS! One Job at a Time initiative included the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce, City of Frederick Economic Development Department, and Frederick County Department of Business Development and Retention.

“By publicly recognizing employers that have hired new employees, Frederick WORKS! One Job at a Time partners have brought attention to the fact that Frederick County is a thriving labor market ripe with employment opportunities,” stated Workforce Development Board President Rose Davis.

Frederick Board of County Commissioners President Blaine Young commented, “The board is proud to have been a supporter of this initiative to create jobs, get unemployed citizens back to work, and boost our economy. As we expected they would, businesses in Frederick County thoroughly embraced this challenge.”

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Frederick County Workforce Services (FCWS) supports the County's revenue base by helping unemployed workers to re-enter the local workforce and become contributing tax payers again. FCWS also utilizes grant funding to provide occupational training in high-demand industries to help alleviate critical skills shortages in the current and future labor market. FCWS is located in the Business and Employment Center at 5340 Spectrum Drive, Suite A, in Frederick, MD.