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On-the-Job Training

Thank you for your interest in our OJT program! This program will enable your business to offset the expenses associated with training new employees.

Interested in this opportunity for your business? Here's some more information...

Employer Requirements:

  • Complete the OJT application and provide a job description.
  • Submit a certificate of insurance to satisfy proof of coverage requirement.
  • Offer a training plan that outlines specific objectives.
  • Demonstrate that prior OJT participation was successful - if applicable.
  • Formally hire the OJT candidate AFTER the OJT contract has been approved.
  • Ensure that the training period does not exceed 3 months.

Note: Under the grant requirements, all OJT candidates must be residents of Frederick County

Grant Award Process:

  • Complete and submit the online application form.
  • Refer OJT candidates to FCWS before offer of employment is extended. (If preferred, FCWS can prescreen and refer candidates that meet position requirements.)
  • Within two weeks of receiving completed application with all necessary documenation, FCWS will notify employer of the decision.
  • Upon approval, a meeting will be scheduled to review grant contract and agreement.
  • The new employee may begin work as a trainee as soon as the grant agreement is signed by all parties, including the County Purchasing department. (This may take up to 2 weeks.)

Please note that OJT funds are reimbursed AFTER successful completion of the job training program.

Review/Complete OJT Application

For more information, please call 301.600.2255 or email