Job Training Programs

In addition to the job search seminars and computer seminars that are offered at our location, Frederick County Workforce Services (FCWS) also has training dollars available to help the dislocated workers and unemployed citizens of Frederick County.  We can help you to upgrade your skills, change your career, earn a specialized certification and/or obtain a high school diploma or advanced degree.

Our funds are available to dislocated workers (individuals laid off from a job due to no fault of their own and eligible for Unemployment Insurance) and Frederick County residents who are currently unemployed.  To be eligible as a dislocated worker, a person must either live in Frederick County or have been laid off from a business that is located in Frederick County.

To apply for FCWS training funds, the first step is to attend our Welcome Seminar, which is held every Thursday at the Business and Employment Center. There is no need to register in advance. Please call 301.600.2255 for more information.

Our decisions about training are based on the Frederick County labor market.  There should be a demand for the type of training that you are requesting and the training should result in a job.  Some examples of trainings that have been approved in the past include Certified Nursing Assistant, truck driving, Six Sigma, project management, bookkeeping, Microsoft Office Suite, and GED.  If you are close to completing your associates degree or bachelor’s degree, we may be able to assist with those costs as well.

We currently have funding agreements with several schools, including Frederick Community College, James Rumsey, and Hagerstown Community College.  We are not limited to these schools nor are we limited to a school in Frederick County or in Maryland.  If you would like to attend an alternate school, you will need to factor in the time it may take for us to acquire the necessary approvals for you to do so.