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Federal Application Tips

Application Tips and Resources: Department of the Army

There are several ways to apply for positions with the Department of the Army.

They include:

Using the Army Resume Builder (Preferred Method) - The Army uses an automated system called Resumix to fill vacancies. The system uses state-of-the-art optical character recognition (OCR) software and a patented skills extraction system to read your Resume, extract skills and match them to job requirements.

By electronic mail (e-mail)

By traditional surface mail

Read about how to apply for Department of the Army civilian positions at Ft. Detrick.

Application Tips and Resources: Federal Government Agencies

To apply for any federal job opening, including federal jobs on Fort Detrick, you will need to use the website.  This is the premier job bank for individuals interested in working for federal government agencies.  It provides a wealth of information and includes online tutorials that can assist you in navigating your way through the application process. 

Tips on The Application Process/Federal Employment Applications

Additional links to information on federal job application tips and strategies:

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