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Fort Detrick Employment Guide

Welcome to the Fort Detrick Employment Guide. The purpose of this resource is to connect the region's talent force with the many and varied employment opportunities on the Fort Detrick campus. It is our goal to provide a centralized "one stop" guide to find and apply for jobs with the federal agencies, private contractors, and other partners operating on Fort Detrick.

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within this guide and have attempted to include as much relevant content as possible. However, due to the extensive and dynamic ongoing operations on Fort Detrick, this guide may not be all-inclusive.

Also, please note that many of the job openings listed through this guide are housed on external websites. Unfortunately, we are not able to update these links if and when they become outdated.  

We hope that this guide will serve as a helpful tool as you explore employment opportunities on the Fort Detrick campus.

Major Employers

About Fort Detrick

Finding and Applying for Jobs

Additional Resources