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Why did you leave your last job? How to answer this tricky question...

The Hiring Process Success on the Job

Question: What do I put on the application slot that says Reason for Leaving? On one job I was fired and on another job I quit for my own mental health as my boss was unbearable! Answer: Whenever you are fired from a position it is best to write “Involuntary Separation” in the reason for leaving space. For the job where you quit because you couldn’t work with your boss any longer and were too stressed out, I would recommend putting “Incompatible Objectives.” Below is a list of “Reasons for Leaving” that I have found might be of help to others who struggle with this box on the application. 1. Career change 2. Incompatible Objectives 3. Temporary employment 4. Company closed 5. It wasn’t a good fit 6. Looking for new challenges 7. Will discuss at the interview 8. Resigned 9. Voluntarily Separated 10. Laid off 11. Lack of work 12. Quit to attend school 13. Quit for a better job� 14. Relocated Below are ones taken from the book The African-American Job Seeker’s Guide to Successful Employment: Employment Skills for the 21st… by Rebecca Enyia. 1. I wanted a position with more responsibility. 2. I wanted work that was career-orientated. 3. The work was seasonal or part-time. 4. I became a full-time student. 5. I began a long-planned tour of the U.S. 6. I became self-employed. 7. I had an option for a better job. 8. I wanted to be more productive. 9. I wanted a job requiring my best skills. 10. I preferred a better work environment. 11. I made a long-planned move to this area (relocated). 12. I wanted a job in which I could learn. 13. I desired a more challenging position. �