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When to accept a job offer: on the spot, or not?

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Question: Should I accept an offer on the spot if I am given the opportunity? Answer: You always want to take some time to think about an offer before you sign on the dotted line. You might be very excited about working for the company, and maybe it’s been a while since you have been working, but I would suggest not accepting the offer on the spot. The reason why?  You need time to look at the specifics of the job, you need time to look at all the benefits and evaluate the offer accordingly. Once the offer is made you should receive an official offer letter in the mail or via email. Take a few days to evaluate the package, as it’s not always about the salary alone. Take a look at the comprehensive benefits package. For example, does the company offer a signing bonus, medical/dental benefits, relocation allowance, 401(K), personal days and more? An offer should always be in writing, this way you have a few days to look at the offer and get back to the employer.