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What's the Orientation class all about? Why should I attend?

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Question: Why do I have to go to Orientation to use Frederick County Workforce Services? And why should I go to all these seminars? I need a job! I don’t have time to waste on classes! Answer: This is a case of investing hours up front to avoid spending days (maybe weeks, possibly months) later. The FCWS Orientation tells you about all of our services and how we can help in your job search. It gives you a basic job search action plan and an opportunity for a free career coaching session with one of our staff.  It’s a brief two hours in which you find out all kinds of things that you may never think to ask. You’ll miss most of the good stuff we have to offer if you don’t know to ask us about it. Seminars help you find out the current information on how to conduct your job search. For instance, do you know: • How and where to list dates on a résumé? • The answer to popular job interview questions such as “What’s your greatest weakness?” • What to write in a cover letter? • What the hidden job market is and how to gain access to it? • How to dress for a job fair? • What your best transferable skills are? • How you can become an indispensable employee? • The answer to “May we contact your current employer?” • What a KSA is? These are fairly critical things in job search. If you put the wrong information on your résumé, you will not only prolong your job search, but possibly lose what could have been the perfect opportunity. If you aren’t prepared for common job interview questions, you will be taken by surprise and probably give a different answer than you would if you’d had time to think about them. If you don’t know about the hidden job market, you confine yourself to the newspaper or Internet, and you’ll never know about many jobs that you might be able to do very well. In addition, you can take our Career Exploration Assessment and see what your aptitudes, interests and values are. We also offer the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory, which will tell you about your personality type and those of other people. These assessments may support and validate what you already know, but sometimes you discover new things about yourself that way. And the price is right. Most of our seminars (even the computer ones) are free. You’ve actually already paid for them with your tax dollars. Even the seminars that have a fee attached are offered free to job seekers for whom the cost would be a financial burden. Do yourself a favor. Take two hours and learn to do these things properly. Check out the Business and Employment Center’s Seminar and Events Calendar to find out when the next Orientation class is scheduled.