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What should be included in a portfolio?

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Question: It was suggested to me that I use a portfolio for my job search. I am not an artist.  What are some things I could include in my portfolio? Answer: Portfolios give hiring managers the opportunity to see a variety of materials that prove the value you would bring to a job.  What you choose to include in your portfolio depends on what supports your search objective.  Research the industry you are targeting and arrange the material included in a meaningful order and keep it neat.  Once you have a portfolio, keep it up-to-date, and add to it, even when you are working in your new job. An excellent, thorough article on Job Skills Portfolios, written by Dr. Randall Hansen, Founder of Quintessential Careers can be found at: Other items Dr Hansen does not mention but could be included are: Past Performance Evaluations/reviews Budgets you pulled together or were responsible for Documentation of education and training Business plans As in everything you share from past employment, be very cautious of violating any non-compete clause, professional ethics or confidentiality issues.