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What resources would you recommend to someone considering a career change?

Career Exploration

The Business and Employment Center offers a free Career Exploration Assessment program at the Center.  This assessment program helps you identify your aptitudes, career preferences and values.  It is typically offered two Wednesday mornings a month from 8:30 am-noon (check the calendar on this site for the exact dates).  Although there is no fee for this program, pre-registration is required.  You can sign up by coming into the center or by calling (301) 600-2255.

Every month the Center also offers our "Navigating the Career Roadmap" program.  This two-hour session with one of our Career Specialists will help you discover numerous resources (including books and Internet sites) that are available to assist you in making the best career choice.    

If you have access to the Internet (free computer access is available at our center), enrolling in the Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE) system gives you access to both local and regional jobs.  The system also provides extensive information for career changes and training opportunities.  I would also recommend visiting the Maryland Workforce Exchange's Career Resource page. 

Wishing you success in all your endeavors!