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What is a targeted résumé, and should I have one?

The Hiring Process

The targeted résumé speaks to the employer’s need for a specific skill or set of skills. If you plan to use this approach, you must first know what skill or skills the employer needs. This required research on your part. After you have completed your research, you focus the content of the résumé on your experience and accomplishments that prove relevant to the target skill or skills. The targeted résumé readily demonstrates to the employer that you are in fact the perfect match for the position being targeted. You must be cautious of the snare of appearing single-minded or one-dimensional. Many companies today are looking for the generalist skills rather than the specialist skills, especially in small to medium sized companies where one is expected to wear many hats. Also, by not addressing the broader-based value added skills, you may be evaluated as being less qualified than other candidates.