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What are transferable skills?

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Transferable skills are the general skills we acquire during our lifetime that can be used in a variety of jobs. They can be obtained during any activity - employment, school classes, hobbies, athletics, or raising a family. Just as we acquire them in a variety of settings, they can be beneficial to a variety of employers for various jobs. For example, the ability to organize events could be useful in numerous jobs and may be essential for success in certain occupations. Here is list of some key skills that could get you higher levels of responsibility and pay. If you have them, they are worth emphasizing in an interview! The ability to …… Instruct others      Manage money or budgets Mange people     Meet Deadlines Meet the public     Organize/Manage Projects Speak in Public     Supervise Others Solve Problems     Plan Use my hands/Work with things Work with data Happy workers are those that find jobs that require the skills that they enjoy using. Successful job seekers know the skills they have to offer and can talk about those skills in a positive way during an interview. Also, coming soon in 2008, FCWS will be offering a seminar on identifying your transferable skills!  Please visit our Calendar of Events for more details about this and other seminars for job seekers.