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What are the most important considerations in preparing a résumé?

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Here are my top three résumé tips: 1. Put the most important stuff first. Why? People don't like to read any more. Almost anyone will read the first 10-20 lines of your résumé, but if you don't get their attention in that space, you aren't going to get it at all. So put your best stuff (from the employer's point of view) as high on the page as you can, and as near the beginning of the section as you can. 2. Use numbers wherever you can. This makes you a more concrete personage in the employer's mind; it shows what you've done in a way anyone can understand. (Think about the difference between supervising a staff of four, versus a staff of fourteen, versus a staff of forty.) 3. Accomplishments are much more important than daily duties. The employer knows what someone with your job title does; he/she wants to know what makes you special. Why are you the best (insert your job title here) this company could possibly hire? That's what your accomplishments tell the employer. For more key information about résumés(plus applications, cover letters and reference lists), come to the FCWS seminar "Selling Yourself on Paper." Check the Seminar and Events Calendar for times and dates.