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Top Recruiting Sources

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We asked local employers to share their top recruiting sources. Here's how they responded:

The Community Foundation of Frederick County:
1. Ads in trade publications and the Frederick News-Post
2. Word of mouth and referrals from community members
3. Manpower, Inc.

Milano Salon:
1. Craigslist. (More than half of our employees were hired through Craigslist.)
2. Our Facebook page
3. Word of mouth

Wood Street (web design and development firm):
1. Mostly, referrals
2. Sometimes we will get a resume emailed to us that we'll consider

Plamondon Hospitality Partners:
1. Facebook and LinkedIn

Frederick County Public Schools:
1. FCPS Website
2. FCPS Employee Referrals
3. Online Job Boards
4. Local Residents

The Common Market:
1. Employees
2. Company Website
3. Walk-Ins
4. Industry-specific online posting boards