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So many qualifications...but still no job offers?

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I am very competent. I’ve raised three kids, managed my household, supervised people, started a business, created a website, reinvented myself, gotten out of massive debt, learned and taught skills, managed budgets, and written a blog. Every day, I see people who are incompetent, unmotivated, ungrateful, unable to spell or write well, uncaring about their customers and their colleagues – but they have jobs and I do not. I posted this rant on Facebook, but didn’t get any reasonable answers. Why can’t I find a job?


It’s very frustrating when one is as accomplished as you clearly are, and yet you still find yourself unemployed. No doubt there are many jobs you could do, and do well.

There are at least two problems here that you may not have accounted for.

First, how are you coming across to employers? If you approach interviewers with the same direct attitude you show in your “rant” above, they may feel threatened. They may be intimidated by your competence; that’s their loss. They may also be intimidated by the way you present yourself, and that’s your loss.

Any time you interview, or even simply network, you need to demonstrate not only your abilities; you also need to show that you will be easy to get along with. If they can’t tolerate working with you, they will not hire you. Your paragraph above makes you sound judgmental and bitter. This is not the impression you wish to create.

Your post also suggests depression. If that is the case, please seek treatment. Depression rarely gets better by itself, at least in any reasonable (job-search related) time frame. Call 211 for some suggestions on finding that treatment at a cost you can afford.

The second problem is that it’s a bad idea to rant on social media at any time, but especially when you’re job searching. Our posts are often less private than we think; it may well be visible for all the (Facebook) world to see. Employers do check social media, sometimes to screen candidates out, and sometimes just to get a feel for their personalities.

If you can take that post down, do so right away. If you need help dealing with negative attitudes, find someone to talk to. And most important, don’t give up! There is a company out there who needs you; they just don’t know it yet.