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So many jobs seemed to be filled without ever being advertised...How can I tap into this "hidden" job market?

Great question! It's true that many jobs are never advertised to the public, which can be challenging for job seekers that don't have internal connections.

Fortunately, our board members have some great advice on this topic. Here's how they responded to this question:

"One way that people find out about the jobs that are never formally posted is through networking. Make contacts with individuals at major employers through friends, friends of friends, business acquaintances, etc. Stay in touch with these folks. Another method is to contact professionals in industries you are considering and ask if they would grant you an informational interview.Find out their advice on how to break into the industry, education and experience required, and information on their companies." - Terry O'Malley, VP, Human Resources, Frederick Memorial Hospital

"Networking is always good.  Let as many people know that you are currently looking for a position.  Those contacts you make within your community, at job fairs, etc., can make all the difference.  Build your network by volunteering in your community, and getting involved if you have kids in school.   I ran into a former colleague in a physician's office, we began talking and he mentioned that he was looking for a job. Our organization happened to be looking for someone with his skills at the time so we exchanged information." - Rose Davis, PHR, HR Manager, Canam Steel

"One way to tap into the hidden job market is to target a few employers and begin to make connections with them through social media and personal informational interviews. If they know you, your chances are greater that someone will hear something that may benefit you and you can then tap into the right people." - Darlene Carver, MBA, Merlin & Associates, Inc.

"You can tap into the hidden job market by networking and volunteering.  Specific to that,  I also recommend that you don’t just join your local professional association, but be active in it.  It helps with visibility/connections while enhancing your skills and professional knowledge. And…connect with your alumni association…collegiate loyalties are sometimes quite strong." - Sophia Dobransky, SPHR, Frederick County Government Department of Human Resources