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Should my age be included in my resume?

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Question: I am 53 years old, and I haven’t written a résumé for over 20 years. Do I need to include my age? Answer: The short answer is: NO! Not only do you not need to include your age, you absolutely should not. It is illegal for the employer to base the hiring decision on the age of the candidate. Let’s help the employer to stick to the law! There are lots of things we do differently with résumés than we did many years ago. Remember when we submitted résumés on brightly colored paper? The theory was that, in a stack of white résumés, the Day-Glo orange one would stand out. It still does, but not the way you want it to. Here are some other things we used to do with résumés: · Write “Résumé” at the top of the page · Include our marital status and how many children we had · Include height and weight, sometimes a picture of ourselves · Include our date of birth and health status · Write in the third person (as if we were writing the résumé for someone else) · Social Security number (this is necessary for federal résumé, but not for private industry) · Tell why we left last job · Give our previous supervisor’s contact info · State our salary history or expectations · List hobbies and personal interests · Make our reference list part of the résumé There are fashions in résumés, just as there are in hemlines and tie width. To find out the latest information, keep reading this blog, and drop by the Frederick County Workforce Services seminar, “Résumés and Applications.” Once you’ve taken that, you can meet with a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and have your updated résumé critiqued. Happy writing!