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Sending resumes, applying response?

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Question: I’ve been sending resumes and applying online to lots of companies. I’m surprised by the lack of response. What should I do? Answer: So many people seem to be assuming that employers have the time to respond to each job search inquiry made, resume sent, or application submitted.  It’s just not true; we give too much credit to companies for being organized or even having an active recruitment department.  Many times, the company has outsourced that piece of Human Resource activity to a staffing agency. Other times, they just don’t have the manpower to get back to people unless they are actively hiring and they want something you’ve offered in your contact! So to answer your question – GET PROACTIVE! Don’t just wait indefinitely to hear from employers. After 10 days or so, call or email to ask “May I speak with the person who is responsible for making hiring decisions for ___________ jobs?” or in email, Please tell me the status of my application or resume sent _______ (insert date) for _______ (insert name of job opening)? The best way to get jobs is networking. So at the least, with these close-ended questions, a conversation can get started in which you can state why you should get an interview.