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Selected for the interview but not the job?

The Hiring Process Interviewing Strategies Ask the Employer

What advice would you offer to a job seeker who landed an interview but was not selected for the job?

From Lisa Morrissey, Human Resources Manager, Common Market:

"My advice would be this – many people get interviewed for the same job and sometimes it’s a challenge for the employer to ensure they are selecting the right candidate, but once they do and it’s not you, be happy that you had the opportunity to interview and learn from it.  Focus on what questions were asked in the interview and how you could have answered them differently, if any. Pay attention to what the employer may have been looking for and how you can develop in areas you may not be strong in. Most importantly, don’t close the door – keep pursuing and growing during the process.  Interviewing can be an exhausting effort but if you look at it as a developmental process, you will eventually land the right job because the employer and you will know it’s a good fit at the time.  As an add on, always follow up with a thank you to the interviewer for the opportunity to interview – this helps you to stand out and also shows a lot of character."

From Amanda Haddaway, Director of Human Resources and Marketing, Folcomer Equipment Corporation:

"Unfortunately, this is a tough reality of today’s job market. Often, companies interview three to five (sometimes more) candidates for one position. When you’re offered an interview, definitely take it even if you’re not sure about the position or company. The interview is also an opportunity for you to find out about the employer. If you end up not getting the position, ask your recruiter and interviewers if they can provide you with any feedback on why you weren’t selected. Be open and receptive to this feedback if it’s available."