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Preparing for interviews...any tips?

Career Exploration The Hiring Process

I am having trouble with my response to interview questions. Do you have any recommendations? Interviewing is a practice that is perfected by preparation and experience. First, have you thought about and documented your experiences as actions performed or behaviors demonstrated in prior positions? Consider all actions great and small. Second, think about your experiences or actions in relation to the actions contained in job lead. Make the linkages between your experiences and the job requirements. Third, practice answering interview questions. There are several ways to do practice interviews: have a friend ask you interview questions; tape yourself answering questions with audio and or video; and stand in front of mirror and practice answering questions. These methods allow you to hear yourself deliver responses to interview questions. Hopefully, developing a comfort level with your responses. In the case with the mirror and video; it gives you an opportunity to observe your non-verbal messages sent while answering questions. It may seem silly but it is effective.   People experience issues with interviews when they do not demonstrate good interview techniques: Speaking in clear and understandable volume, pace and tone. Making good eye contact while answering questions. This shows you are paying attention and have an interest in the interviewer and company. Having prepared questions to ask the supervisor about the work, company and or their management style. These shows you can research and are serious about the opportunity. Interviewing is a mindset.  Project a positive attitude and doing preparation work should enhance your skills.