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Posted résumé online, but still no calls...

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I posted my résumé on both Monster and CareerBuilder weeks ago. I still don’t have a job! Isn’t this the way job search is done in the 21st century?


Sadly, no. If only it were that easy.

For years, it’s been a widely published fact that over 75% of job seekers find their jobs by networking (talking to people.) If someone who knows you can recommend you to an employer, you are approximately 17 times more likely to get the job than an unknown. Social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, primarily) have only made this trend more prevalent.

Only about 3% of job openings ever appear on the big job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder these days. You are much more likely to find suitable job openings on the website of the company you’re interested in. Not only will you find more information, and more-useful information, but there will be considerably less competition. (Everyone else is still over at Monster and CareerBuilder.)

What would you do if you were the employer? Would you pay up to $500 to post an ad that will bring you thousands of résumés, mostly from people who aren’t qualified for the job? Or would you rather list your job for free on your own site? And would you also prefer to get a much smaller, but more useful, number of résumés from people who took the trouble to track you down and read your website?

Going back to you, the job seeker: did you post your contact information with your résumé? Did you know that this is a good way to have your identity stolen?

Don’t depend on someone else to do your job search for you (not even Workforce Services staff.) No one else knows you as well as you do. You’re the only one who knows what you consider the perfect job for you (or a tolerable job that you’d take in the short term; or even an unbearable job that you would never think of taking.) Workforce Services can help you define that job, and share leads and information with you to help you get that job. But the lion’s share of the work will be your own.