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Out of work and getting desperate!

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I’m desperate. My company closed, and I’ve been out of work for over two years, although I’m very competent in my field. I apply for every job opening in my field, and I’ve had a few interviews, but so far nothing has turned up. My mortgage is overdue. My savings are depleted. My Unemployment Insurance has run out. I’m depressed, and I can’t sleep. There is no hope on the horizon. Do you think that, if I tell a hiring manager my story, he will take pity on me and hire me?


You are truly in a tough spot, through no fault of your own. It’s a tough economy, and as you know, you are not alone.

It would be nice to believe that an employer would see your excellent skills as well as your difficult situation, and hire you. He may sign you on for your skills, but very few employers will hire you as a charity case. Those who might will probably not be in business very long.

The employer is there to run a business, and to make money. He expects you to help him meet his goals. If you meet your own in that process, he’ll be happy for you, but he does not see himself as being there to help you. He does not want to take on your problems; he has enough of his own.

It may be time to think about taking a job outside of your field, at least temporarily. FCWS will be happy to help you do that. You can see what services we provide in other parts of this website. If you need training to update your skills, we may be able to help with that too.

You might also want to take advantage of 211, the Frederick County Hotline. They have information about all sorts of service agencies in the area, including those that provide basic human needs (food, clothing and housing support); physical and mental health services; and even suicide prevention and intervention. They are available all day, every day; just dial 211.

You have many skills, more than you are probably even aware of. Some company out there needs a person like you. Your task is to identify the company and show them why you are exactly the person they need. (FCWS can help you figure that part out too.) Don’t present yourself as desperate, even if you are; present yourself as the solution to the company’s problems.

Why? Because that’s what you are.