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Many interviews, but no job offer. Any advice?

The Hiring Process

Question: I'm a young manager at a local restaurant.  I graduated from college two years ago with an Associates in Business Management.  When I went to school, I planned on a career in retail following my passion to work around electronics, but I took the first job I was offered.  Now I am feeling I should leave the restaurant business. My interviews have not resulted in an offer.  How do I convince them to take a chance on me? Answer: If you are confident that you have prepared for the interviews and dressed appropriately, you need to look for other answers.  And the best answers may come directly from the hiring managers who interviewed you.  Sometimes, when you are told at the end of an interview that you are not who they are looking for, you can ask “What would you like to see in me?” or “What would your ideal candidate have that I don’t?”  Now, you might want to send an email to any hiring manager that you received a rejection from and ask them what their advice would be to overcome the mismatch from strong interest to paid experience.  Then, be prepared to follow their advice!