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Life is uncertain. Write your résumé.

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Someone told me that I should always update my résumé every six months. I have a secure job; I’ve held it for ten years, and I just got a great performance evaluation. Why should I have a résumé at all, let alone update it twice a year?


Please ask any staff member at Frederick County Workforce Services (FCWS) how often he/she has heard something like what you wrote above, from someone who has just lost a job.

Life is uncertain; employment is even more so. Companies that looked completely secure six months ago are closed now, their buildings abandoned, their employees scattered.

Many former employees spend their first weeks of unemployment in a state of shock. “How could my company do this to me? I’ve worked there for ten years. I thought it was a secure job! I worked hard, showed up on time every day, hardly ever took a day off. I don’t deserve this!” And they are correct. But it doesn’t help much.

However, time and jobs wait for no one. If a company closes, there will be a lot of competition for jobs like those the employees lost. Those job seekers who kept an eye on the world outside their own offices, who get over their shock quickly, who are prepared, will find a much easier path in their lives after the layoff.

Or suppose you keep your current job; but next week, you suddenly discover that your dream job, the one you’ve waited for all your life, is open … till tomorrow. If your résumé is more or less together, and you’ve updated it fairly recently, you can customize it for The Job very quickly. But if your résumé is years out of date, or worse yet, nonexistent, the Perfect Job will go to someone else while you struggle with your paperwork.

If you want to know how to write your résumé, or how the fashions in résumés have changed since you wrote the one that got you your job ten years ago, come to Workforce Services’ seminar, “Résumé Express.” It includes the topics of applications, cover letters and reference lists. Check the Calendar of Events on for the next date and time.

Life is uncertain. Write your résumé.