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Job Searching During the Holiday Season - A GREAT idea!

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No one hires during the winter holiday season, right? So I can take this month off job searching.



It’s a common myth that companies don’t hire during the fourth quarter. And it’s true that many human resources folks, as well as other hiring managers, are off the last couple of weeks of the year. But that’s where your opportunity lies.

To disprove the notion that companies don’t hire during November and December: in those months in 2012, Frederick County Workforce Services processed well over 300 job openings. Some of those companies were hiring immediately; others were preparing to hire when their new budgets started the first of the year. They were actively networking, interviewing, writing job descriptions and generally laying the ground work to get new people in the doors. And because many people believe that “nobody hires during the holidays,” there was a lot less competition for those openings.

With all the activities, events and get-togethers that take place the last six weeks of the year, the holidays are one big networking opportunity. Everybody is out and about: not just everyday folks, but managers, supervisors, CEOs, etc. You don’t necessarily need the bigwigs in the company you’re interested in; the mailroom guy or gal may actually be more helpful to you, because he/she knows everyone. Anybody might have that one piece of information or that one contact you need. You just have to ask.

So have Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. Go to the Santa Claus Parade, and the church pageant. Celebrate the first night of Hanukkah with your congregation and relatives. And volunteer to help out with those activities too. Be sure your résumé and business cards are nearby, just in case. Whoever you meet, ask them about their company. What do they do? Is it interesting? Is it fun? How did they get there? You may just stumble upon the perfect opening. Happy holidays indeed!