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Is it worth it to continue job searching during the holiday season?

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I’ve heard that companies don’t hire in November and December, because their fiscal years are winding down. So I can take off till the beginning of January, right?


You can if you want, but you might miss a lot of good opportunities.

Many people believe this myth, so they drop out of the job search temporarily. But that just means less competition for those who continue their quest.

It’s true that some companies don’t hire much around the end of the year. Sometimes that’s for the reason you mentioned; sometimes it’s because the people who make those decisions are off on vacation. But that’s only part of the story.

If you can reach one of those decision makers, they may have a little more time for you than they do the rest of the year. They may be hiring now, so people can begin working at the first of the year, when the new budget comes through.

On top of that, all those holiday parties and gatherings are great opportunities to network. You’ll be seeing lots of new people, as well as those you already know but probably don’t see often. It’s a good excuse to talk about what you’re looking for and ask for free advice. Of course, you’ll want to have your 30-second commercial ready, and your business card handy. (Leave the résumés in the car. It’s nice to have a few nearby, just in case. But no one else wants to carry them around the party any more than you do, so they’ll probably end up in a potted palm somewhere.)

The holidays are also a great excuse to get in touch with folks who have slipped out of your usual network. Drop them a holiday card, call up, friend them on Facebook, whatever, but do get in touch. Of course, you don’t want to start the conversation with, “Hi, how are you, I need a job.” But it is a natural time to renew old friendships.

If you want more ideas on job searching during the holidays, check out this website:

Enjoy your job search this month!