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Is it still necessary to have a resume?

The Hiring Process Ask the Employer

From Amanda Haddaway, Managing Director, HRAnswerbox

Every year, I read that the resume is going away, but after 16 years in HR, it's still a very relevant hiring document. Although some companies have moved to an online resume submission and application process, interviewers and hiring managers still like to see a copy of your resume. It helps them know more about your knowledge, skills and abilities and gives them a tool to craft interview questions. LinkedIn can certainly be helpful in getting your qualifications out to a broader audience, but it doesn't totally replace the resume.

Plus, your resume is really an opportunity to highlight your greatest accomplishments in your previous jobs. Many online systems have very limited requirements in their text fields, so your resume may give you an opportunity to provide a few additional details.

Lisa Morrissey, HR Manager, Common Market

Most applications are being accepted now online with the option to upload your resume and I think that is a completely reasonable option to get
noticed; however, I also think that presenting a nicely written resume to the employer outlining the applicant's experience, education and skill set still resonates professionalism in a person.

Michelle Day, Director, Frederick County Workforce Services

Despite the rise in social and professional media options to network for job search purposes, the majority of recruiters and hiring managers still request resumes as a means or part of an application process. Companies have invested big money in systems that have been designed to electronically scan resumes for key words and phrases. The best approach is to have an updated, job-focused resume AND leverage the usefulness of online tools such as Linked In and others. Using Linked In to upload examples of your work (think online portfolio) and accomplishments can serve to enhance the skills and accomplishments you include on your resume.