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Is it ok to not include certain jobs on my resume?

Career Exploration The Hiring Process

Sometimes a job is very short termed or it was a really bad situation which would be hard to explain and you definitely know you’d get a bad reference.  Can we just leave these work situations off the resume and keep life simple? Here are a few things to consider when making this decision: Note that employers do not like to see time gaps on your resume. For example if you decide to exclude a job that was from 2005-2007 think about how the employer might be interpreting this gap. Ask yourself if you can fill in this gap with a second job you held, volunteer work or some studies you pursued at a school or institution. If you do include the job, make sure you focus on your achievements and positive performance evaluations. Obliviously you do not want to list an employer who would give you a bad reference as one of your references or provide their information to another prospective employer. Make sure you have a typed out page of references (3 professional and 3 personal references) that list other people for a prospective employer to contact. If a prospective employer asks “Why did you leave your last position?,” make sure you keep it positive. Professional Resume Writer Beth Brown suggests a positive statement like “I decided to explore working in a different environment (or field) to further my career growth.” Beth goes on to say that “if you feel comfortable with the interviewer, you might go into more detail, but you don’t need to. DO NOT bring your negative feelings about the previous job with you to an interview!” Stay positive. Finally, you might want to consider the functional resume format. This format focuses on your skills more that the most recent job. The layout of a functional resume lists your skills first and accomplishments and then lists your places of work and the dates at the bottom of the resume. Ms. Brown does point out that this functional format “does not work well in the technology industry.” For further information, consult resume books for more details and samples of functional resumes.