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Is it necessary to write a thank-you note after an interview?

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Question: My Career Specialist says I should write a thank-you note after the interview. Do I really need to do that? And if so, what should I say? Answer: Yes! You definitely need to write a thank-you note to the interviewer, as soon as humanly possible after the interview! Over 80% over employers expect to receive a thank-you note from the people they interview. Sadly, they are often disappointed, because very few people actually write them. You don’t want to disappoint a potential employer when it’s within your power to please them. You have no control over who else interviewed. You have no control over how well they interviewed. But you do have control over whether or not you write a thank-you note. Take that control and make the most of it. For some employers, the lack of a thank-you is a deal breaker. They’ve spent a good deal of time, energy and money to get to this point; that deserves at least a little bit of appreciation. Some also consider it a measure of your character. So what goes into this thank-you note? · Obviously you want to thank the interviewer for the time he/she invested in you. · Mention something you learned and liked during the interview. · If you forgot to mention something important in the interview, now is your opportunity. If you can supply some relevant information on a topic you talked about in the interview, that’s very helpful, and may make the difference between your being hired and not being hired. However, don’t hold up the note for the sake of the information. Try to send the note the same day as the interview. Handwrite it (if you have legible writing), snail-mail it, email it, whatever; but get it out quickly.