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Is it legal for a potential employer to check my credit history?

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Question:  Can employers check my credit when I apply for a job?  Companies have offered a position to me only to rescind the offer a few days later.  Answer: Employers can request to run your credit report when you apply for a job but only with your consent. If an employer requests to run your credit report, and you feel that there might be negative financial information on your report, it’s best to explain your situation to the potential employer. Sometimes if there is a reason, such as a divorce, loss of job, an illness or other life situations, employers will be more understanding of a less than perfect report. I would suggest contacting the three major credit-reporting agencies, TransUnion @1-800-888-4213; Experian @1-888-397-3742 and Expedia @1-800-685-111 to obtain your yearly free credit report. Check the report and dispute any discrepancies in writing, you will receive a response from the credit reporting agency within 30-60 days. If you feel that your credit has been a barrier to receiving a job offer, please talk to us about the Federal Bonding Program.  This program is designed to assist individuals who have less than perfect credit in obtaining employment.