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Is it absolutely necessary to use a cover letter when applying for a job?

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As with all job search practices there are few absolutes. However, a good job search technique is to use a cover letter! According to the Professional Association of Résumé Writers, the benefits for using a cover letter are: * It introduces the résumé, tells a prospective employer what position you are applying for, and provides them with proof of what you can do for them. * The objective of submitting a resume and cover letter is to receive an interview  because your information inspires the employer to want to meet with you. * They are unique and professional in format. This unique document should provide the employer insights that you have researched the company.  * Cover letters should be designed to spotlight your most relevant qualifications and achievements for the position. * They provide the employer with information on why you want to work for that company. * Cover Letters that are error free and in a familiar business format show the potential employer your writing ability. Some other tips for cover letters are: * It is smart to carry design themes from résumé into the cover letter and vice-versa. * Cover letters are not essays and should be one page in length in a readable typeface, which closely or exactly matches the marketing résumé. Chances are a well written résumé and cover letter will land you a interview. Happy job hunting.