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I'm getting interviews, but no job offers! Help!

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I had yet another interview last week. Today I found out I didn’t get the job. What am I doing wrong?


It may well be that you did nothing wrong. But here are some thoughts to consider.

Are you overqualified? Employers sometimes worry that someone with more experience or qualifications than they need will cost a lot more than someone with just enough. In today’s cost-cutting atmosphere, this is a major consideration.

Are your abilities limited? This doesn’t mean your qualifications for the job are inadequate; but perhaps overtime is required and you aren’t available. Or maybe you came across as wanting this job for now, but not for the long term. Or possibly the interviewer thought you were unwilling to compromise on some of the terms of employment.

Do you interview well? When you go to an interview, do you display interest in the actual work (rather than just the paycheck and benefits)? Are you reasonably energetic? Do you have good answers to the interviewer’s questions? Do you have some questions of your own?

Did you get the impression you would fit well into the company? A previous “Ask the Career Coach” blog dealt with this topic. Sometimes the person with the best skills doesn’t get the job because he or she seems like they won’t be comfortable with the people or culture the company already has. That will hurt, if you know your skills are solid, but it’s usually for the best in the long run.

Presumably you didn’t make any of the obvious mistakes, or you wouldn’t be asking this question. Among the obvious mistakes would be dressing inappropriately, not preparing for your interview, showing up late, saying something (predictably) offensive, talking too much or too little, criticizing past supervisors, answering your cell phone during the interview, failing to research the company, etc. And apparently your résumé is doing its job, if it’s gotten you several interviews.

By the way, you did send a thank-you note to everyone who interviewed you, didn’t you?

Then again, it may just be that someone else interviewed better than you did, or seemed like he or she would be a better fit. It may not have anything to do with you at all. You might call the interviewer and see if he has any free advice for you.

If any of this might be lacking, you’ll want to attend the FCWS seminar, “Interview Success.” It’s a safe atmosphere to get honest feedback on how you present yourself, as well as a lot of information on how to handle job interviewing in general. See the Seminar and Events Calendar on for the time and date.

Good luck on your next interview!