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I'm a recent college graduate without experience in my field. Most employers are looking for people with experience. What can I do?

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Job seekers often believe that only paid work experience should be listed on a resume. I am sure over the years you have been involved in clubs, sports, part-time work, internships and extracurricular activities.  If it is/was a meaningful experience that provided skills necessary for you to do the job, then it is worth putting it in the experience section of your resume, even if it was an extracurricular activity or volunteer position. Employers look at the total picture, not just paid experiences.   Look at all your experiences including volunteer work, internships and extracurricular activities. Then look at the job description and match what the company is looking for to what you’ve done. Always make sure your resume is in line with what the employer is asking for since most resumes are screened for content.   Not having actual work experience in the field will not disqualify you from getting an interview. Make sure your education is listed in the beginning of your resume so the employer knows you are a recent graduate. Highlight your accomplishments during your college years and list them on your resume. Remember that employers are looking for qualified individuals that have the skill set to do the job. They also look for job seekers who have soft skills such as communication skills, problem solving skills, organizational skills, leadership skills, time management skills and others.   Don’t forget to use college career centers, college alumni listings, staffing services, Frederick County Workforce Services and recruiters. Network with anyone in your community, social clubs, gyms, family members and let them know what type of job you are looking for, spread the word.  Also take a proactive approach and send out your resume to any company you have an interest in along with a cover letter regardless if there is a position open. Marketing, networking, checking to make sure your resume includes all your work experience (internships, volunteer work, etc. are all the steps you can take to ensure, even though you don’t have a paid work experience, that you are qualified to do the job!!