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I just lost my job; How will I manage Christmas this year?

This may be a year to focus on things that you can’t buy. Things like your family. Your friends. Your community. This is a good thing. It will be a great time to get creative. Have you been in a dollar store lately? What do you know how to make? Can you offer services rather than objects; for instance, would your mom rather have an expensive trinket, or would she prefer that you come clean her house? It will be a year to make some cutbacks that you may have wanted to make for a while. Do you really need to get your least-favorite brother-in-law the obligatory scarf and gloves again this year? Do you really want to send Christmas cards, at two dollars a pop plus postage, to everyone you’ve ever known? Now you have an excuse not to. Take advantage of the many free things going on this time of year. There are lots of free concerts and dramatic productions in churches and the mall. The City of Frederick puts on many events that cost little or nothing. Check out the C. Burr Artz Library’s calendar too. (These are also great places to network your way into that next job.) There is also a spiritual component to Christmas, of course. Focus on that, and see what inspiration lies there. The job search equivalent is to take some time to think about what you really want to do for a living. You might want to use some of Frederick County Workforce Services seminars, including Career Exploration Assessment, in that effort. Christmas will come, whatever you decide to do. Will you choose to focus on what you don’t have, or all the things you do have? �