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I have been asked by a potential employer to submit a CV? What is a CV?

The Hiring Process

They are requesting a curriculum vitae or vita.  It is different than a resume.  Resume is French for "summary” and Curriculum Vitae is Latin meaning "course of life or career".  A key difference is that a resume is a summary (1 or 2 pages) and a CV (2 to 5 pages) is a more detailed document listing your academic background, professional accomplishments, presentations, publications and research.  A curriculum vitae is usually requested when the position is in the field of education, science or research.  If you are applying for another type of opening and they request a CV, you may want to check with the potential employer to see if the really want a CV and not a resume.  In some regions of the world (such as Australia and India) CV and resume are used interchangeably. If you need help with either a resume or a CV, please feel free to contact our center for assistance.