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Husband just lost his job after 15 years....

Question: My husband just got laid off from the job he's held for the last 15 years. Besides referring him to Frederick County Workforce Services, what can I do to help him?

Answer: That's a great question. Most job seekers can use a lot of support, especially from their significant others. Here are some ways you can be helpful:  Listen. Just let him talk, as and when he wants to (as feasible.) Don't feel you have to fix this for him, just let him express his fears and frustrations. Remind him that you believe in him and that you are on his side.  It seems counterintuitive, but don't constantly ask him about his progress or offer ideas. (occasionally, yes, but not all the time.) Celebrate any little breakthrough or progress.  Offer what practical help you can, such as proofreading his or entertaining the kids when he's on a phone interview.  Remind him that the layoff wasn't his fault, and that his feelings (loss, depression, relief, joy, anxiety, whatever) are normal.  Unless you've been laid off in similar circumstances, don't say you understand how he feels. And of course, as you noted, do encourage him to take advantage of all the resources Frederick County Workforce Services has to offer! He'll find information about that on the home page for this website, Losing a job after such a long time is especially tough. But he will get through this, with your help. And so will you.