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How volunteering can help you to get a job...

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Question: I heard that volunteering is a good tactic for job searching. How does that work? And how do I get involved? Answer: You heard correctly. Volunteering has many benefits for your job search. One of the most important methods of job search is networking: talking with people. When you volunteer, no matter what else you accomplish, you’re enlarging the network of people you know (and even more importantly, people who know you.) Another benefit is building new skills, and/or enhancing the skills you already have. You may also be filling a hole in your résumé. It doesn’t matter that you don’t get paid in money. You’re working and learning. Both of those are elements that employers are happy to see on your résumé. So how do you get involved with volunteering? How do you find someone who wants done what you want to do? Check out this website: You can create a profile of your skills and see what openings are available in your area. Agencies look over the list for keywords that list different skills that they can use. The agency will get in touch, and you’ll work with them to set up your volunteer schedule. Want to know more? Come to the Business and Employment Center, 5340 Spectrum Drive, Suite A, in Frederick. A representative from HandsOn Frederick County will be here on April 21 to fill you in on more volunteer opportunities. See the FCWS Seminar and Events Calendar for more details. When you’re thinking about a new job, take a long look at your volunteer activities. Usually what you do as a volunteer is close to your heart. Can you turn your volunteer gig into a paying job? Or can you use those skills to earn income? Maybe HandsOn Frederick County can help you do that.