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How do I stand out from other candidates during the interview process?

The Hiring Process

Question: I’ve had three interviews and haven’t gotten an offer.  I think my skills and experience were what they were looking for but I guess there was stiff competition. How can I make myself stand out from “the pack” during the interview? Answer: It's good that you are getting interviews.  Remember, interviewers usually do several interviews and often the people they see and the answers they hear all begin to look and sound alike.  Who they call for a second interview or with an offer can come down to sheer luck. There are a few simple things that can you can do to make yourself notable. Ask the hiring manager to give you an actual problem that she would want the new hire to deal with. Then tell how you'd solve the problem. Your plan doesn’t have to be exactly right but  that you care enough to actually focus on the work itself.  It can demonstrate your abilities and make you someone to remember. Another trick is to get the manager to see you as an employee.  Ask for a tour of the facility.  By being seen by other employees, you’ll be remembered. People will talk.  If appropriate, you could ask to try a piece of equipment, or have a demonstration of its use. Finally, what you do after the interview can help you be remembered.  Rather than just sending a usual Thank you letter, include a hard copy (better than a link) to an article about something discussed during the interview or the name of a useful resource, tool or person, which could help the manager’s business. Thanks for writing, and good luck!